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Who are the Members of the North Water District Board of Trustees?

The Board is made up of seven members each serving staggered three-year terms. Three members are representatives from each of the Townships of Northfield Center and Sagamore Hills and one member on a three year term that "swings" between each Township every three years. This Trustees is known as the swing member.

Presently the members of the North Hills Water District from Northfield Center Township are: John Campbell (term ending 12/31/21), Basil Lovano (term ending 12/31/23), and Daniel Schade (term ending 12/31/22). The members of the North Hills Water District from Sagamore Hills Township are: Carol A. Lewis (term ending 12/31/23), David Klimkewicz (term ending 12/31/21), Frank Kopas (term ending 12/31/22)and Patricia Juhasz (term ending 12/31/21). Patricia Juhasz serves as the swing member.

A Fiscal Officer manages the day-to-day operations. Jeff Snell serves as the Fiscal Officer of the North Hills Water District. The Board also is advised by Engineer Mike Henry from Chagrin Valley Engineering, LLC.